Public Sector Strategy Practice

The Institute is a leading provider of Price-to-Win and Competitive Analysis (PTW/CA) expertise to organizations pursuing business in the public sector market. The Institute’s PTW/CA process and tools are continuously refined to calibrate changing market conditions, shifts in procurement policies, and the dynamics of the Public Sector market competitive landscape. The process is engineered to provide insightful situational awareness and actionable work product inputs to essential management decisions at key milestones in the business pursuit cycle, including opportunity assessment, capture planning and bid decision, proposal and solution planning and development and post submittal support activities during the source selection process. The Institute’s PTW/CA process is implemented on client projects by a Ph.D-level expert with industry experience and proven performance.

The Institute’s process is built around six phases, each with multiple steps and specific work products. The first generation of this methodology, developed by the Institute’s Executive Director in the 1980s, guided a defense contractor into entering and winning new business in the non-defense, civilian agency market. Today, the current generation of this methodology continues to guide firms in capturing new business and protecting existing business – from single award pursuits, to multiple-award pursuits, to winning major ID/IQ contract vehicles..